Ballroom Level

(SOLD) C4 Escalators 

Opportunity to brand the C4 escalators which will lead attendees from the exhibit hall activities to the plenary and session rooms. This exclusive opportunity is for both escalators shown and will include the inner left and right of each of the long glass panels.

Panel 1 (top): 23” high x 49” wide 
Panel 2 (middle): 23” high x 49 ½” wide 
Panel 3 (bottom): 23” high x 71” wide 

First two panels and last two panels must be kept clear due to fire code regulation. 

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(SOLD) North Windows 

Highly visible and exclusive opportunity to brand floor-to-ceiling glass windows located directly next to the HFSA plenary and session rooms. Messaging is sure to reach all attendees of the HFSA Annual Scientific Meeting.

(3) Sections of window, 10 panels to a section (5 on top and 5 on bottom) Each Panel is 12’H x 5.2’ W 

Subtract 32” from the bottom of bottom panels if the clings are to start above the ledge. 

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Please note the main above picture does not show the ledge and seating. See picture here. Bottom panels measure 9.3’ if the glass area below the ledge is subtracted. 
North Windows are visible from the Exhibit Hall