Massage Relaxation Lounge – New Exclusive Opportunity

Massage Relaxation Lounge – New Exclusive Opportunity

Lounge Opportunities

Hands down, the best way to support attendees’ wellbeing and help them thrive and succeed is by hosting the Relaxation Zone – an area in the exhibit hall for attendees to take a time-out and rejuvenate. Safe, local, licensed & insured, professional massage therapists provide a refreshing massage on professional massage chairs during exhibit hall hours. This lounge will be a spa-like experience, with electronic foot massage stations, complimentary device charging, aromatherapy, relaxing spa music and more.  All safety precautions and rigorous sanitization protocol will be observed.

Sponsor benefits include:

  • Attendees can be required to first visit the sponsor’s booth for a ticket or device scan
  • Massage therapists can wear t-shirts provided by sponsor
  • Signage during the event (tent cards in the space and logo on sign outside the lounge)
  • Recognition in Program
  • Includes one PUSH Notification on the ASM Mobile App!

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