Attendee Registration & Management

GMI’s Registration Manager oversees the implementation of the designated attendee management tool and act as the primary point of contact for our clients. The Registration Manager’s responsibilities include:

  • Work directly with Project Manager to design online registration site based on program parameters, audience types, and final agenda.
  • Build and manage inventory (i.e. activity, registration deadlines, audience types).
  • Perform quality control check on the web site prior to publication.
    Create and monitor hotel block in the designated Meeting Management System.
  • Produce and distribute profile status reports as requested by client.
  • Conducts follow up phone calls as required to finalize travel and registration details.
  • Send final confirmation to all attendees encompassing details of the meeting, ground transportation, hotel confirmation numbers, and all other relevant information.
  • Send final attendee list to designated ground transportation company.
  • Submit final pick up report to Project Manager and hotel.