Event Marketing

GMI increases meeting and event attendance and engagement by creating multifaceted marketing campaigns surrounding your events. GMI implements targeted event email marketing, flexible event websites, live social media display, and mobile-friendly websites & registration.

Sending event invitations, invitation reminders, registration confirmations, newsletters, surveys, and other messages to attendees is a critical function for our clients. We’ve found the best way to manage communications and track delivery is through email. Email promotes immediate responses from registrants and is the most cost effective way to communicate with large groups. GMI’s event management system includes automated email scheduling, text or HTML e-mail capability, delivery and open-rate tracking, reporting and automatic address book updates.

However, since the level of spam and email abuse has grown, a response rate of a few percent on an email marketing campaign can happen. GMI ensures meeting success by achieving response rates of 75% with our event technology systems that includes a full featured communication module to reach contacts in a personalized and targeted manner. For example, GMI  can send different communications to our client’s customers, VIPs, partners, and potential clients. Event invitations and subsequent messages can be customized for the interests and needs of each group. Furthermore, our robust email marketing tool enables personalized mail merge fields in all emails, including but not limited to first name, organization information and other key event data.

A more strategic approach than an impersonal email blast is essential to reach the desired response rate and higher meeting and event attendance and engagement.